Has a distinct and novel appeal to many as it incorporates many styles of martial arts into one training center. Located just a block from downtown Melville, the unique facility has much to offer for a full experience.

The club has been in Melville since 2000 and continues to grow and flourish. We pride ourselves with community and rural involvement through volunteer activities and multicultural education. We strive to achieve personal growth of the students not just in martial arts but as well with personal endeavors. Kung Fu is a style that teaches perseverance and persistence through diligent practice.

The school has a semi-traditional background and employs ancient and modern training techniques that help with educating all levels and ages of students. With a wide variety of programs and styles it has an interest for all. The student-instructor ratio is typically 1 to 5 but varies depending on classes. Private instruction is also available.

Chinese martial arts, has a renowned history and has claimed to be the first martial art. It is deep rooted in history and tradition as well as medicinal healing methods. Some of those being: Acupuncture, Massage, Qi Gong, Tai chi, Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of these theories and methods are reflected in the teaching of the advanced students.

As Martial Artists, we are to be in constant balance with everything in and around our lives. We have a strict policy of non-violence and try to instill that in our students. Any competitive sport styles occur in a controlled environment and are trained strictly not to be used outside the sport.

Martial arts are a personal journey about developing ones character and using it to its fullest potential. Less about arrogance and pride, the lessons will carry us on a path to make us better people and role citizens.

Begin your journey. It only takes one step!