Chen Taiji Quan (Chen Style Grand Ultimate Fist)

Chen Taiji Quan (Chen Style Grand Ultimate Fist)

Chen Practical Method:

The Chen Family Style is the oldest and parent form of the 5 traditional styles of Taiji. They are: Chen, Yang, Wu,sun and Hao. Chen-style is characterized by silk reeling , alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power called Fajin.Contemporary Taiji Quan is typically practised for a number of widely varying reasons: health, external/internal martial art skills, aesthetics, meditation or as an athletic/competition sport (sometimes called "wushu tai chi"). Therefore a teacher's system, practice and choice of training routines usually emphasizes one of these characteristics during training. The five traditional schools, precisely because they are traditional, attempt to retain the martial applicability of their teaching methods. Some argue that the Chen tradition emphasizes this martial efficacy to a greater extent.

Lao jia – old frameThe Chen lao jia (old frame) consists of two forms yi lu (1st routine) and er lu (2nd routine) It was taught privately in Chen Village from the time of Chen ChangXing—the 14th generation creator of these routines. These were the very first Chen tai chi routines to be publicly revealed. This happened in Beijing from 1928 onwards—being taught by Chen Fake, to Hong Junsheng, to Chen Zhonghua (Joseph Chen),to Ronnie Yee.

Yi lu (the first empty hand form) at the beginner level is mostly done slowly with large motions interrupted by occasional expressions of fast power (Fajing) that comprise less than 20% of the movements, with the overall purpose of teaching the body to move correctly. At the intermediate level it is practiced in very low stances (low frame) with an exploration of clear directional separation in power changes and in speed tempo. The movements become smaller and the changes in directional force become more subtle. At the advanced level the leg strength built at the previous level allows full relaxation and the potential for Fajing in every movement.

The second empty hand form, "er lu" or "cannon fist" is done faster and is used to add more advanced martial techniques such as advanced sweeping and more advanced fajing methods. Both forms also teach various martial techniques.

The final form is the Jian or straightsword. It was Taught to Grand Master Hong from Chen Fake's daughter (Chen Yuxia) and passed to GM Hong's disciples.

I am Grateful to have studied under Master Yee for many years and am Blessed from his generous teaching.

Tim is currently a student teacher under the instruction of Master Ronnie Yee.

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